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The new office tower at Harvard Square in New York City looks like the kind of place you might expect to see at a luxury apartment complex.

But this building, with a mix of contemporary, contemporary-art decor, and modern art and architecture, is also home to a number of old-school tenants.

Read More Here, it was designed by architectural firm Krasnoff-Gonzalez, whose clients include the Museum of Modern Art, the American Museum of Natural History, and the New York Public Library.

The building, which has been on the market for a while, was designed with the help of an unnamed client who worked on the original Harvard Square.

The architects told Recode that they chose this particular location because the site was the only place to have an office space on the East River.

The architect, Robert Krasnikoff-Glenn, explained that the original buildings at Harvard had been demolished in the late 1800s, and Harvard Square was one of the last remaining pieces of the old structure.

In fact, the entire building, including the offices, was built in 1884, and was eventually demolished by the city.

The building was originally designed for a single-family home, but in 1883, it became part of a larger commercial district, and has since housed the museum, the Brooklyn Museum, and many other public buildings.

While there were plenty of other buildings on the site at the time, the building that became the Museum was the most prominent.

It housed the American Society of Civil Engineers office, and it was also the site of the New Museum, a space that is now open to the public.

It also housed a number, but not all, of the Harvard Square shops and restaurants.

This year, the Museum plans to reopen the building and open the doors to visitors.

The new Museum of Civil Engineering will be located on the west side of Harvard Square, in an area that’s already been cleared out, and Krasnickoff-Goldstein said that the renovation will include more than a few new touches.

For example, the front of the building is going to have a mural on the glass that was designed to represent the views of the city from the Harvard Library, and will also be able to display the building’s signature color, red.

The red color is inspired by the Harvard colors, so the mural will also have a Red Bull logo.

The mural is also designed to reflect the view of the buildings surrounding it.

In addition to the original building, Krasnikov said that they will be adding to the existing museum collection, and creating a new, expanded collection, to include exhibits, artwork, and other items.

The new museum is expected to open in 2020, and is expected not to be the last new addition to Harvard Square’s collection.

In 2019, the city plans to begin converting the building into a park, and in 2020 the buildings will also get a new roof over the roof.

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