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FOX Sports is reporting that the Department of Agriculture may ban decorations for Christmas for children as early as this year, according to a report in the San Francisco Chronicle. 

The ban is a significant step toward curbing the popularity of decorations that are not only a source of entertainment but also a source for many families. 

Currently, children can decorate their homes with various kinds of decorations, including pumpkins, and the Department will no longer be able to ban them, according the Chronicle.

According to the Chronicle, the department may also limit the amount of decorations a household can use on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, which are traditionally the busiest times for families.

The proposed ban would come on the heels of the Department’s announcement last week that it would begin issuing permits to allow households to display more than 25 percent of their decorations on the front lawn of their homes. 

A few cities in the U.S. already have similar restrictions in place, including Seattle, Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York City.

The proposed ban in California would be the first statewide ban on decorative decorations in the country, according CBS.

The ban would not apply to public spaces like churches, churches or schools, which already are permitted to display a smaller percentage of their decor. 

However, the Chronicle noted that the new rule is likely to be challenged in court, with the state’s attorney general arguing that it’s unconstitutional. 

ABC News reports that the proposed ban on decorations will come in addition to a similar ban on Christmas tree decorations that the state imposed in March.

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