Tony Medecke

Drop Dead Interiors

A toddler’s crib is one of the easiest places to decorat, but that doesn’t mean it’s the only place.

This post highlights 10 places you can decorate in the new year.


Dining room decor: decorate a dining room table with flowers and a cup of tea.

You can also decorate with a bottle of wine, a tray of food and even a candle.

This is your baby’s best friend and it makes the kitchen feel like a baby’s playroom.


Playroom furniture: you can use a variety of fabric options and it’s easy to buy or borrow the best ones.

Just remember to buy a quality one for this baby.


Bedroom furniture & wall decor: You can use fabric that’s sturdy, and then you can buy a piece that has a sturdy surface, like a hardwood floor.

This will give you a more finished look.


Bed room table: You have a few options here, but we love the one in the photo.

This table is the perfect addition to your living room.


Bathroom furniture& wall decor : The best option for your bathroom is a bed or bathtub.

If you have a bathtub, then it’s also great to decor the bedroom as well.


Kitchen furniture: You could decorate the kitchen, but it’s best to use a piece of fabric with a hard surface, such as wood.


Bath room table & wall decoration: A solid wooden table, like the one above, will give your baby a more stylish home.


Bed & kitchen furniture: This is the option for any bed or kitchen.

You could add some light, like this one.


Bath & bedroom furniture: A hardwood kitchen table is also a great addition to the bedroom.


Bed&room furniture:- This is one room you can easily add a bed to, or you can leave it alone.

Make sure you make sure it’s not a baby crib, so it doesn’t get moved around or damaged by furniture.

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