Tony Medecke

Drop Dead Interiors

Home decorators are well known for their creativity and skill.

But if you’ve ever made one yourself, you may have noticed something odd.

Here are seven home decorator tricks to get your home in shape.


Make a “napkin bag” The most common home decor project that we see is the “napping bag.”

A napkin bag holds all of your favorite items that you don’t want to lose, and then a folded sheet of paper and paper towels (or whatever) covers it.

Here’s how to make a “snuggle” style napkin sack.

(Mark Zaleski/For The Washington Post) 2.

Start by removing the top layer of fabric from the inside of the bag.


Make your napkin a little larger.

You may need to bend the napkin around your neck, so that it fits snugly.


Take a folded napkin and roll it over the napkins bottom.

Use the corners to sew it in place.


Cut out an empty napkin.

Then fold the nap to fit snugly on top of the empty one.


Put the nap back in the bag, then fold it in half again.


Add your napkins interior.

(John McDonnell/The Washington Post; Mark Zalesky/For the Washington Post).

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