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Posted January 15, 2019 12:03:30 If you’ve ever spent time at the bridal boutique, you may have been reminded of a vintage dress you bought a few years ago.

But, what if it’s not vintage?

A new DIY project from blogger Kim Hill reveals how to make the perfect vintage wedding dress with a simple twist.

The DIY project was inspired by a vintage style called ‘the gab’ that was popular in the 1970s.

It was inspired with a vintage lace pattern and a rose gold embellishment.

Kim Hill has also posted a tutorial on how to create a vintage wedding gown.

“It’s like a vintage version of the vintage lace wedding dress,” Hill told ABC News.

“[But] there’s a lot of details that have been changed to make it a bit modern.”

The gab is designed for a specific time and occasion, like a summer wedding or a fall wedding.

There’s a bit of a modern twist too.

“Kim Hill is a designer and photographer who has made a name for herself in the DIY wedding industry.

She has a new DIY wedding design book out called The Wedding Diary that can be found on her website.

Hill said the inspiration for the vintage wedding dresses she made for the DIY project came from vintage lace designs that were popular at the time.”

There were a lot more styles of lace dresses that were being produced, especially at the height of the lace boom, so it was a really good opportunity for me to create something very, very original and vintage,” Hill said.”

My aim was to create my own little version of what that gab looked like and to use the same techniques to recreate it.

I’ve been obsessed with vintage lace for a while, so I wanted to create an experience that was as vintage as possible.

“Hill’s DIY wedding gowns have been inspired by vintage lace styles that were available in the 70s.

Hill said that vintage lace was more of a trend at the beginning of the 70-80s, when the vintage trend was a little less popular.

A vintage lace dress would be a wedding dress for a bride to wear during their wedding night.

For a wedding to be successful, the bride must look great in their wedding dress and be able to wear it to all the parties they plan to attend.

Once the bride is able to walk down the aisle, they can be confident that they have the right style and fit for the occasion.”

It is very important to be able in a modern style,” Hill explained.”

If you’re wearing something that’s too old, it’s going to be difficult to look good.

You have to have something that is contemporary, modern and elegant.

“Hill said her inspiration for her vintage wedding designs came from the lace patterns that she had seen in the 60s and 70s that were made by a family of lace designers.”

I remember wearing these vintage lace dresses in the mid 70s, 70s and early 80s, and it was really, really cool and pretty,” Hill shared.”

So I thought ‘OK, that’s my thing’.

“Hill said it was her husband who suggested she start her own project.

Hill has created her own vintage wedding style book called The wedding Diary.

Hill’s book has over 40 wedding gown designs that she has inspired for her DIY wedding projects.

She said her aim was for the book to inspire people to start their own DIY wedding dresses.

She said the book was not intended to be a dress shopping guide.

Instead, Hill’s book was designed to inspire and empower people to create their own wedding dresses, even if they were only looking to create one.

More to come.

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