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Google News article Students have been caught up in the debate over boys and girls room decor at college campuses across the country.

Some students have said the choice of dressing rooms is arbitrary and the girls’ room looks like it is meant to be a boys’ room.

But the girls room has been given a higher rating of being “out of the world” by some critics.

The issue was raised on the National Education Policy forum on Wednesday when a student said the “boys room is just a girls’ space”.

“It is an absolutely insane room,” he said.

“When you walk in you are going to find the boys’ dressing rooms have been remodelled and they are actually designed as a girls room, so it is quite ridiculous.”

It just looks like a girls’s room.

” The topic has been hotly debated at the National Forum of Parents and Friends of College Students, and the panel agreed that the girls dressing room “looks like a boys room”.

The boys room is not a joke. “

This is a school and this is a place that is built on the values of academic excellence and diversity,” they said.

“The boys room is not a joke.

It is a real space for our students.”

The panel rejected the idea that boys and women dressing rooms “are interchangeable”.

A statement from the National Institution of Students said: “We believe the room has an appropriateness based on the nature of the room and the circumstances of the individual.”

“The girls’ and boys’ rooms are built to accommodate the diverse needs of our students.

We are proud of the achievements and diversity of our school community.”

A spokesman for the National University of Ireland said it had “not yet” decided whether it would change the “design” of the girls rooms.

The National University has not commented on the panel’s report.

Students at the University of York said the decision to have the room changed “shows how the issue of gender equality is being politicised”.

The university said it did not have “an official position on this issue”.

They said: “There are a lot of girls’ rooms on campuses around the country that are designed for male students, and there are other students who feel that they are not fitting in.”

They also said the school had been “shattered” by the row and was considering how to change the policy.

A spokesperson for the UK’s Department for Education said it was “in line” with the recommendations of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and that the department would look at the panel report.

The Department for International Development (DfID) said it would “review the recommendations from the panel”. It said:  “Dfid is committed to supporting women and girls as they progress in life.

It works to ensure that gender equality and diversity are addressed in all aspects of education, policy and practice.”

 The department added: “In the coming months, we will work with schools to ensure they are able to achieve the same outcomes as girls.”

We will continue to listen to all the views of our members and will work to ensure our members are fully informed.

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