Tony Medecke

Drop Dead Interiors

I don’t want to go to the mall.

The mall sucks, people are obnoxious, and I just don’t get it.

So, I’m a sucker for malls, even though I don.

I’ve visited so many malls in so many cities, I can’t remember the last time I didn’t love a place.

I love shopping at malls, but they also suck.

It’s easy to get bored of the same thing over and over again, so I can live with them.

The truth is, if you like shopping, you probably have a lot of fun at the mall, and you’ll probably feel a bit better about yourself when you leave.

But you’ll have no excuse if you’re a sucker, because you’re not really supposed to like the mall as much as the people who use it.

But that’s exactly what I’m doing, because I want to see the best shopping experience in the world.

I hate malls.

The best shopping experiences in the city are the ones that are actually there, and they don’t have to be crowded or crowded with people.

So I’ve always been attracted to shopping experiences that are a little more personal.

The malls in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and other big cities are usually pretty crowded, and the ones with the most people are generally the most fun.

In New York City, the average mall experience is a little less than 10 people per store.

In Chicago, it’s less than 8.

In Los Angeles and other major cities, the malls are more like 5.

The thing is, I hate the mall because I hate shopping.

I really do.

I feel like it’s an empty space.

It doesn’t have anything to offer other than to give me the best experiences possible, which is a lot.

But the mall is also the source of a lot more frustration than pleasure.

In the past few years, shopping has gotten more crowded, the mall has gotten bigger, and it’s become more expensive.

And in the process, the quality of experiences has gotten worse.

So what’s going on here?

The best experience at the worst mall is that one that’s closest to me.

That’s where I’m likely to get the most attention, and that’s where most people who go to malls go.

So the mall can be an exciting place to spend time.

But I’ve noticed it gets a little bit more crowded than usual at the best malls.

So when I’m at the other malls, I get more frustrated than when I go to a mall that’s less crowded.

And the worst thing is that the people I like in the best mall don’t go there anymore.

I think this is due to the fact that they’re too busy trying to find the perfect shopping experience for themselves, or because the mall’s become so big.

Maybe they just don’s like the shopping experience so much that they stop shopping altogether.

Maybe that’s the case in some malls.

I just want to find a mall with a little diversity, and lots of people, and no one in particular.

So for me, it really comes down to the quality and uniqueness of the experience, and what people like in a mall.

And I’m not talking about the shopping experiences themselves, which are usually the best in the business, but the people and places that make them.

I’m talking about people and experiences.

That sounds really obvious, but I’ve heard it said so many times.

When people think of shopping, they think about shopping in the mall or at a mall, but what do people actually do at these malls?

The people and the places that people go to in malls don’t always have the best experience.

They’re also not usually people who shop at the most convenient locations.

I’ll start with the places I’d like to go.

First, I’d prefer a shopping experience that has me in the center of the store, and not outside of it.

If I’m shopping for something new and cool, I want that experience to be something I’ll never forget.

If a mall doesn’t feel like home, I’ll want to get away from it.

It might be a fun experience, but it’ll also be a bit boring.

And if a mall is crowded, I might get distracted by the people around me, which could make it a little too much for me to do the shopping I want.

If the mall feels like a living room, I need something quiet and peaceful.

I want it to feel like an art gallery or an auditorium, but not a crowded, noisy, and uninviting experience.

The next place I’d probably like to visit is the food court.

I don’ know about you, but when I get home, my goal is to make my mom or dad eat out.

My goal is not to get their attention.

I get my mom to eat at the cafeteria.

I make sure my dad eats at the restaurant.

The last place I would really like to be is the dessert

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