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Posted by ABC News Breakfast on Thursday, December 16, 2017 08:39:58 If you want to decorating your Christmas decorations for the holidays, you’re going to have to think big.

The theme of this year’s Christmas decorations is called “the big picture” and it’s one that Disney and Walt Disney Imagineering are looking to convey through this year.

“It’s a theme of celebrating our past and present and celebrating the richness of the natural world, so we’re really looking to use these big picture themes to really express our theme of being able to connect with nature,” Disney Imagineer Mark Schumacher told ABC News.

“I think the theme of the theme is really connecting with the spirit of the holiday, and the fact that we’re able to share that with other people.”

The Disney theme parks in Australia include Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Disneyland, Animal Kingdom and Epcot.

In New Zealand, Disney’s theme park in Dunedin is being transformed into a giant, tree-lined Christmas tree.

The New Zealand Herald reports the theme park will feature a large, tree that will hang on a tree stump for the duration of the entire event.

A large tree will also be placed outside of the main entrance to the park, where guests can take a look at it from the outside.

There are other themes on display this year, with the theme at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida featuring a giant tree and an image of a red, snow-covered Santa Claus.

It is not clear whether the theme will be used for all of Disney’s parks or just Disney’s.ABC/wires

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