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Drop Dead Interiors

By Chris FournierRead more I’ve been doing a lot of holiday decorations for years and this year I wanted to try something new.

My sister and I decided to buy a tree and put it in our house.

This was something we wanted to do and it really came out the best of all of the Christmas tree projects we had done before.

I used the same process for my first tree and it worked beautifully.

You can choose to have a full-sized tree that is about 20-25 feet tall, or you can get a smaller tree, like a 1.5-2 foot diameter.

You’ll need a small shovel and a large paint brush.

This tree is about 1.75 metres tall.

If you’re planning to decorate it with a few decorations like garlands, you might want to go for a smaller size and get a 1-2 inch diameter tree.

The tree itself is made out of pine wood that has been coated with glue and then finished with a clear acrylic.

The paint is sprayed over the top and it has a lot more flexibility and will give you the flexibility to move around the tree and change decorations.

I used a big black spray paint can to paint the tree.

I wanted the tree to stand out from all the other decorations in the house and I also wanted it to stand off from the outside so that it would look like a tree.

The paint was applied in layers and then let dry.

I then sprayed a thin layer of clear acrylic over the entire tree and let dry overnight.

Then I went to the yard and got some black paint.

I took the black paint and applied it over the pine tree and the paint was very thick and dark.

Then after I painted the tree, I took a spray can and sprayed the paint over the bottom of the tree too.

I let the paint dry overnight and then I painted it the next day.

This gave me the flexibility of having the tree standing out from other decorations.

This is why I always like to get as many layers of paint as possible, and I can paint the top layer of paint on top of the black.

If I’m not painting the top, I will take the top paint and put a thin coat over the paint and let it dry.

This makes sure that I have enough layers to paint any number of decorations.

If the paint is drying too quickly, I’ll put it on the floor or put it under a bed or anything like that.

There’s a lot to remember when you’re choosing the perfect tree for a Christmas decoration, but I hope this post helps you in your decision making process.

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