Tony Medecke

Drop Dead Interiors

When I was a kid, I had a closet full of old Christmas pictures.

There was a picture of Santa Claus, sitting on a log on the fireplace.

There were pictures of Santa and the sleigh with its bells ringing and bells crickets, and of the snowman with his face covered by a big hat and red coat.

There is a picture from before Christmas, when Santa was dressed up in a white costume and a red cloak.

There are also a lot of pictures of children dressed in red and white Christmas outfits, like the children from my family, my siblings and I, my mother, my sisters and I. I think it was the earliest time we saw Santa Claus and his friends in a Christmas picture.

We still have photos of him in that costume, and I remember seeing him on Christmas morning in the front seat of the sleighed wagon.

I can’t remember if it was a holiday picture or a family photo, but I remember him as I sat in the car and the picture on the windshield.

I had to grow up fast.

I remember thinking to myself, That’s why I want to be a professional photographer.

I was so excited when my parents decided to sell me the camera that they had purchased.

They were going to spend the rest of their life in a mansion in the hills, with all the presents and gifts and gifts that they would get, and all of this would all be taken care of by me.

When I came home, I took my mother and sister’s picture with the camera, and we got all the gifts that we wanted.

But we didn’t realize that the camera had been given to us, and that the cameras had been stolen.

And I was scared.

I would often go to the mall in the winter and buy Christmas gifts and just throw them away.

But Christmas wasn’t over yet.

I spent Christmas at my mom’s house, and my mom and I had Christmas parties at her house.

And at Christmas time, my mom would put up Christmas decorations at the park in the neighborhood and bring gifts from the neighborhood kids.

Christmas came around again, and then we were back to school.

I wanted to stay at home and be an adult.

So I wanted a camera to photograph Christmas again.

My parents and I bought a cheap camera, which is called a camcorder.

We bought it for Christmas, and it had the picture of Christmas and the Christmas tree on it.

It took me years to learn how to take pictures, but my parents taught me how to use the camera.

They taught me that when you look at the picture, you have to focus on the image and not the subject.

They told me that you have two choices: Take the picture at the right moment, or take it at the wrong moment.

I chose to take the picture when I was in the middle of my parents’ Christmas parties.

And as the holidays rolled around, my parents and the kids started to tell stories about their Christmas experiences, because they were not allowed to take any pictures.

We used to hang out in the backyard with the family, and there were so many kids playing in the snow, and the snow was so heavy that it made it hard to see the Christmas trees.

We would try to capture Christmas and to make it into a picture that everyone would enjoy, but it was too dangerous for us.

So we started to take some pictures of ourselves, and some of us had our picture taken with the camcorders.

We even went to the movies to try to get some pictures that would make it to the Christmas movies.

But they were all taken by the adults in the family.

When we went to our Christmas parties, we used to be very strict.

We did not go to movies, and when we went out to the playground, we had to stay in the house.

The boys were always saying, Why don’t you take some photos with the Christmas lights?

I would say to myself that I’m going to take this picture, and this picture is going to make everyone happy, and they were right.

When Christmas rolled around again in December, we would spend Christmas in our living room with the kids.

We played games together, and as Christmas rolled by, my family and I would spend the whole day in the kitchen, and every day for a month.

At the end of each month, we all had dinner together.

The kids used to come up to me, and tell me that they loved Christmas, that they thought that Santa was real and that he loved them.

And my mom said to me that I had never seen Santa so happy before.

We all started to laugh and play together.

It was really nice, because it was like a holiday party.

And we were happy.

My family, however, was not happy.

They did not think that Santa would be happy with us.

And so I was afraid that I would be left alone with my parents, but the fact that we were still

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