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The cat is being kept in quarantine after it was found hiding in a tree near an inner-city street.

Key points:The cat was rescued from an alleyway near the Alice Springs town hallThe owner says he is ‘crazy’ and is worried about the cat’s welfareThe owner said he was worried that the cat could get hurt and killedThe cat has been kept in a separate enclosure for the past few weeks, but it’s now been moved to a different tree.

The owner of the cat, who did not want to be named, said he took the cat from an inner Melbourne street to his home in the town of Alice Springs.

“We got it from a tree, in a safe place.

That’s what we did,” he said.”

It was just a tree.

I thought, ‘it’s a little dangerous here’.”

The cat is kept in its own enclosure for now.

“I’m really scared, I’m not even going to open it,” he added.

“But the only thing I can do is keep it in the house and if there’s an accident it’s going to be a lot more dangerous.”

If someone gets hurt it’s not going to go away.

“He said he had taken the cat to the city to find a new home, and was worried about its welfare.”

The cat got really stressed because it was trapped in an alley,” he explained.”

And I think it’s a good cat, but I’m just really scared.”‘

It was a little crazy’The owner also said the cat was in the area for a short time before it was rescued.”

You could see the cat through the window,” he recalled.”

He was just there for a few minutes and then it just ran away.

“Mr Jones said the owner had been keeping the cat in the street because he feared the cat might be injured and could get killed.”

At first it was a bit crazy,” he recounted.”

When it was in there, it just kept running around, running around the corner.

“The owner is now working with the NSW Government to find the owner and get the cat back to his backyard.

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