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The holiday season isn’t over yet, but Disney’s Holiday Celebration is about to kick off with a big announcement: a brand-new set of holiday decorations.

Disney will be unveiling a new set of seasonal decorations for the theme park at the end of this month, including all of the decorations you’ll see on your windows this holiday season. 

The centerpiece of the new decorations is the new Holiday Caravan, which will be a new feature at the park that will allow guests to bring their own holiday treats to the park.

The centerpiece of this new feature is a new light-up light that will be able to be lit in the Disney Parks Marketplace.

This new feature allows guests to have a new, creative way to interact with the world around them.

The decorations, which include three holiday motifs, will be on display from December 20 through January 1. 

If you can’t make it to the theme parks for the holiday season, you can also enjoy the seasonal decorations on the Disney World Resort website.

If you can make it there, however, you’ll have to visit the parks for your chance to get a look at the new holiday decorations in person. 

Disney also will be hosting a special event on January 7 at the Disneyland Resort, with the theme of “New Holiday Gifts,” where guests will be allowed to purchase a new “Tiki Lantern” that is a gift that you can add to any gift you purchase. 

Check out the complete list of Disney’s new holiday gifts at the official Disney website:

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