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Drop Dead Interiors

TechCrunch – 4:42pm, March 13, 2019 (UTC)It’s an important piece of artwork that I like to display at my office.

I’ve been told that it’s the most important piece in the office.

It’s a reminder that this is a public space and I need to respect that.

I don’t have to do anything about it, so I don�t think it�s important to get involved in the debate about it.

It�s up to people to decide for themselves if it’s a good idea or not.

– KJ – 2:34pm, April 5, 2019(UTC)Yeah, I don?t think I can support a statue at my desk that says something about my religion.

If the person who wants to make a statement wants to say it, I am happy to have it there.

However, if it�ll detract from the work I’m doing, I won�t support it.

If a person wants to paint a wall in front of me that says “I’m an Atheist,” I think that should be respected, but if it?s an insult, then it�d be a waste of money.

KJ 2:48pm, May 6, 2019KJ, what’s your point?

I mean, you’re right, it is important that people respect the law of the land, and that?s not going to be a problem in my case.

But I think youre not going off to do that if you think that you can do something about it by being an activist.

KK 2:56pm, June 9, 2019You think you can get away with saying you want to “defend” the law by painting a wall that says, “I support the law”?

This?s the law, and you can go to jail for it.

The law says that you cannot go to a public place and display anything that might make you think people are racist, sexist, homophobic, or anything that is in violation of your First Amendment rights.

This law applies to the rest of us, and I can’t support your actions unless I am able to demonstrate that I can demonstrate that those actions are legal.

This is the law.

Theres no law that says that I cannot say I support it in front my house.

I can say that I support the Law of the Land if I can prove that I have an obligation to respect the laws.

And thats why I dont want to paint my house that says anything.

KJB 2:58pm, July 3, 2019What is the “the law” that you support?

KJB 3:06pm, August 10, 2019That?s a question that I dont have an answer for.

I think its a question of context, of how it applies to me.

I mean this?s just an abstract question.

If you think it?ll make people think you are a racist or sexist, then you should think about the context in which it?ve been said and what youve done to it.

But if youre saying, “Look, I support that law, I like that law” then thats a completely different question.

What are you doing to it?

You want to do something that makes people think that its racist or something, and thats the law you support.

KSB 4:24am, August 12, 2019As you can see, youre clearly saying that youve never had any issue with a statue.

What happened to the controversy?

Did you ever paint a statue that made you think a person is a racist?

I wouldnt have even painted a statue if I had been thinking of that.

But youre so clearly saying, if you have an opinion about the law and thats something that could impact you, then its your right to say that you are.

I dont know how much of an impact that has, but it doesnt seem like a bad idea.

Thats why I think it isnt a good thing to paint.

KSA 4:50am, September 9, 2020I think that people should be able to express their opinion, and if you dont like the law that you want, then thats fine.

But the law is the laws that were passed.

The idea that you cant say you are against the law just because you dont agree with the law doesn?t make sense.

Youre doing the right thing by trying to create an environment where people feel free to express themselves.

If that?t works, I?ll respect that, because that is what youre trying to achieve.

– AJ – 4,000 words, September 13, 2020KJ I think thats a great point.

I agree with KJ, the law doesnt have anything to do with that.

Its a law passed by Congress, and the law says nothing about it being illegal to say anything about a public event that youre supporting.

KJS 4:53am,

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