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Christian decor and decorations for Christmas in Christchurch were found on the floor of a Christmas house in Christsells Point.

Key points:Christchurch’s Christchurch House decorations are covered in Christmas decorations, including Christmas treesA Christian decorator has been fined for removing the decorationsA Christchurch house decorator was fined for putting Christmas decorations on the ground in Christstons Point.

The decorations were discovered when workers went through the kitchen after the house was renovated.

They are covered with Christmas decorations and Christmas tree decorations.

The house has been in the house since 2009 and was renovated this year.

The decorators were fined $15,000.

The Christchurch Council said they had received a complaint about the decorations and the decoration company was required to notify the council.

“We have received a notice that has been forwarded to the council to take appropriate action,” a spokesperson said.

A Christston council spokeswoman said the decorator had not been found responsible for the offending.

“They have complied with their obligations and will pay their fine,” the spokeswoman said.

She said the council was in contact with the company and was looking at ways to assist with the cleaning and refurbishment of the property.

“The council has a duty of care and responsibility to ensure that the premises remain safe and clean,” she said.

“As a result of the cleaning operation the decorations have been removed from the premises.”

There are a number of items that are still missing, including a Christmas tree and a Christmas decoration from the first floor.

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