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The title of the article is wrong.

 It’s a quote from an article from an Indian daily in which the same boss had written: I am always looking for things to write about and I do not want to lose the time I have with my staff.

But the article in question does not say that the boss wants books.

The boss is referring to the bookshelf, which the article quotes as the “room decor” for the office, and which the boss says he is not going to lose time with: “I want books in the room, because if I lose the space, it is not worth to have books there.

It will be an issue for us.

I will leave the books here, so that they are there for my team to look at and write about.

This is a very important point,” the boss said.

 The next paragraph in the article makes this point even clearer.

In this article, the article said that the manager said that he was going to leave the room “for the team to read”, which the Boss also said: I want books there for the team, because it will help me to look back at the work of my staff in a better way.

And yet, there was no mention of books or the need for bookshels in the paragraph before the last sentence.

The article also said that “the boss will be busy with other tasks”, which it is very difficult for him to do, and it is a “serious matter” if the boss is not at home with his family, so it would be better for him “not to have a book room”.

This article also makes it very clear that “we dont want books” for any other reason besides being a problem with booksheels.

I do not know whether the Boss actually wanted books in his office, but if so, I would like to see it, so he could spend time with his children.

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