Tony Medecke

Drop Dead Interiors

When you’re in your 60s and 70s, you can look back at a few decades with pride.

But when you’re at home, what can you really take pride in?

Well, there are some pretty cool things to do when you get up in the morning.

Here are the things you can decorate for that nostalgic period.1.

A lamp.2.

A coffee table.3.

A rug.4.

A chair.5.

A book shelf.6.

A wall poster.7.

A small fridge.8.

A vanity mirror.9.

A window.10.

A vintage sofa.11.

A dresser drawer.12.

A desk lamp.13.

A bathtub vanity.14.

A kitchen table lamp.15.

A large table lamp in a corner.16.

A dining room table lamp with a mirror.17.

A cozy, old-fashioned chair.18.

A giant wall display.19.

A fireplace display.20.

A bedside table lamp, with a light.21.

A tabletop lamp.22.

A tea kettle.23.

A big, bright-colored sofa.24.

A picture frame.25.

A painting in a window.26.

A mirror.27.

A piece of art.28.

A gift box.29.

A clock.30.

A necklace.31.

A glass door.32.

A table lamp (with an electric light).33.

A mini-fridge.34.

A cupboard.35.

A refrigerator.36.

A cabinet.37.

A bedroom vanity mirror (with a mirror).38.

A curtain.39.

A flower pot.40.

A candle holder.41.

A sofa.42.

A couch.43.

A closet.44.

A wardrobe mirror.45.

A shelf.46.

A washbasin.47.

A drawer.48.

A workbench.49.

A wine bottle.50.

A fridge.51.

A clothes hanger.52.

A box of tissues.53.

A pair of shoes.54.

A TV.55.

A stuffed animal.56.

A towel.57.

A pillowcase.58.

A dollhouse.59.

A stack of magazines.60.

A few old-school toys.61.

A toy car.62.

A Christmas tree.63.

A door to your living room.64.

A sign.65.

A wooden box.66.

A baby-carriage-style bed.67.

A garden chair.68.

A pool table.69.

A rocking chair.70.

A miniature car.71.

A chess set.72.

A hand-made lamp stand.73.

A tiny bedside clock.74.

A tree trunk.75.

A decorative box.76.

A sewing machine.77.

A plastic Christmas tree trunk and frame.78.

A water pump.79.

A cardboard box.80.

A portable heater.81.

A snowman.82.

A bird cage.83.

A bucket.84.

A dog crate.85.

A set of wooden stakes.86.

A pile of snow.87.

A bowl of snow on your bedside.88.

A teddy bear.89.

A bag of snowballs.90.

A pumpkin.91.

A hat with a Christmas card.92.

A Lego ornament.93.

A letter opener.94.

A blanket.95.

A cute doll.96.

A card game.97.

A little kid’s Christmas tree ornament.98.

A stocking with a picture of Santa Claus.99.

A handmade snowman doll.100. A sweater.

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