Tony Medecke

Drop Dead Interiors

I know there are lots of ways to decorate your house and there are some really creative ways to create the perfect look, but some of the best ones can also be really cheap and easily found online.

And while I love using my garage to decorating my living room, my bedroom is one of the few areas that doesn’t look like it will hold its own against a wall.

So instead, I’ve put together a list of ideas for you to try and decorate a few different spaces in your home.


A couch with a fireplace 1.

DIY decorating the couch with the fireplace in my backyard.

This couch is really simple, but really makes a big statement.

You could also decorate it with an antique door, which is the classic option for a vintage couch.

You might also use the wooden blocks to create a wooden railing for your couch, or use the wall to add an accent to the couch.

It’s really easy to build, and you can add some decorative details like pillows or pillows and books.2.

DIY creating the perfect outdoor seating for your living room.

This outdoor seating area is really well made, with two tables and chairs set on top of the fireplace.

The fireplace is positioned to provide a warm and cozy environment.3.

A simple wood panel that looks like a window.

The interior design of this panel was simple, with a wooden door that slides open and a wood panel behind it.

It can also work as a window, though, which I love.

It looks great with the door closed and the wood panel facing away from the window.4.

DIY a custom wall mural.

A mural is an easy and fun way to add some personality to a room.

I’m sure there are a few other creative ways you can decorate this mural, but this is one that I really love.5.

DIY an outdoor dining area.

This dining area is a great option for creating a really unique, modern dining area for your home, with the windows of your dining room facing towards the living room or the kitchen.

You can also add a big display in the living space to draw people in.6.

DIY wall painting for your dining table.

I love wall paintings because they can really add a little character and interest to any room.

Here’s a nice example of how to paint a mural with a simple, simple brush.7.

DIY decorative tables for your kitchen.

I think this table is a little too big for me, but I think it could also be made into a bed, so it’s up to you.8.

DIY DIY kitchen furniture for your bathroom.

This kitchen furniture piece is great for adding some character to any space in your house.

The shelves and table are perfect for adding a little sparkle.

It also comes with a bed for those times when you need a bit more space in the kitchen or living room and a sofa for those days when you don’t have any room in your living space.9.

DIY outdoor dining room decor.

If you don, you can also decor a patio or backyard with some outdoor seating and furniture to create an outdoor living room for your backyard.

I really like the idea of adding an outside kitchen area, but it also works great as a table for a dining room.10.

DIY making a table that sits on a chair.

This table is really unique and it really works as a countertop.

You really don’t need any tools, and it’s just a really easy DIY solution to add a lot of character to your home!

This is just one of a number of ideas I’ve tried and have tried for DIY decor in my own home.

Whether you are looking to make something special for a special occasion or just want to make some fun things for yourself, I really recommend checking out these DIY ideas.

Happy decorating!

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