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In the past few years, cake decorators have become increasingly adept at creating and designing the perfect cakes.

These include cakes made with a simple mix of sugar and flour, which are easy to whip up in minutes.

Others are a mix of cream cheese and buttercream, and include things like vanilla cake, chocolate cake, or the frosting-laden strawberry cheesecake you see at some of your favorite bakery’s bakeries.

But there’s one thing that can make a cake cake look a little different and that’s a layer of frosting.

“A cake with frosting is a little bit more challenging to make than a cake without,” said Tracey Henson, founder and CEO of Dolly’s Cake.

She explained that cake decorator work is not just about filling a mold with frostings; there’s a lot of work involved with creating a perfect cake and that means it takes more skill than just pouring sugar on a cake.

That said, frosting makes up a large portion of the cake decoring pie.

“I love frosting because it’s so fun,” said Henson.

“It makes me feel like I’m in a different world.”

Henson said that she has created several cakes using her own homemade frosting, which is usually in the form of a whipped cream cone.

She also uses a combination of coconut and almond buttercream in some of her cakes.

Henson explained that the cake decoration is a “complete surprise” and that she is always looking to add more twists to her creations.

To get started, she suggests trying out different types of cake shapes.

“Sometimes I like to go with an oval shape, and sometimes I like an upside-down one,” she said.

“And if I’m doing a wedding, I might do a little cake with a cake in it.”

Henson’s cake has two layers of frostings and a layer that’s mostly cream cheese frosting: Coconut and almond.

(Image credit: Tracey Hendenson) Henson added that she prefers to use a mixture of cream and butter to help create the illusion of creaminess and not to overwhelm the cake.

“You don’t want to add too much frosting or not enough to give the cake enough thickness,” she explained.

“Also, I love to use white chocolate, which can be a little tricky to work with.”

When creating a cake with icing, you’ll want to use some kind of icing stick.

“If you don’t have a stick, I would just use a cake brush to create a layer,” she continued.

“Then I would apply some cream cheese icing on top of that layer.”

Hinson added that frosting has to be a bit thick and “sticky,” but it’s not necessary to have a cake recipe that says “creamy frosting.”

She said that it’s important to add a touch of color to the cake with the frostings, especially when adding more layers.

“When you add more frosting to the top, it’s just going to add to the look of the whole cake,” Hensons advice goes.

Hensontons cake is one of many cakes that has been created using a combination a frosting and an actual cake recipe.

“The cake decor is all about the frost.

The icing is the last thing that you want to be adding to the bottom of a cake,” said Holly Henson of Dilly’s Cake, adding that a cake decorated with cake icing can look different depending on the type of cake.

She says she loves to mix up the color and add a little flavor to the frosted cake, but added that it takes a lot more skill to make the right mix.

(Related: 6 cake decor ideas that are easy and fun to make) “There’s a bit of work when you start with a new recipe,” Henson continued.

“[You’re] always going to want to make sure that you do everything that you can to create the perfect cake.”

Hentsons cakes are not without their own challenges.

Hentson explained that she does her best to make her cakes with a “pretty” palette.

“That means you don’ want to have too many frosting types,” she added.

“Or, you should always stick to one color that you like.”

The cake decor has to adhere to the shape of the frost, and that can be hard to do.

“There are some cakes that have a little extra frosting on top,” Hentsontons advice went on.

“But, you just don’t need it.

I love cakes that are just the perfect fit.

That’s the only way I’m happy.”

The most challenging part about decorating cakes, Hensoni explained, is finding the right recipe.

The most popular cake recipe, Henson noted, is a simple combination of cake, cream cheese, and butter.

Hinsons cakes have some extra frostings on top, but she said that the

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