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It’s no secret that many of the offices that are in your office right now are the most likely to get renovated after the 2020 election.

But it’s a different story for the offices you don’t actually use every day.

Here are 10 office decor tips that might be worth considering when you get home after a long day of work.


Choose a chair from the ’90s and early 2000s.

“The chair from that era was a high-end chair that you could sit on for a long time,” said James Brown, an executive coach at New York’s New School for Design.

“It had a nice cushion, it was really soft, and it was a little bit of a novelty.”

He suggested that you don, too.

“If you don ‘t get one of these chairs, it’s not a very good chair for your office,” he said.


Decorate with colors and patterns.

For example, if you’re using the same desk for a few weeks, you might want to make the furniture a little more colorful, he said, to make it feel more modern.

And if you use a different chair every day, Brown suggested that maybe you should change up the color scheme.

“There’s a whole spectrum of color that you can use,” he explained.


Keep the walls nice and clean.

If you can’t get enough wall murals, try to create a few at home.

And if you need a little extra attention to your office, Brown recommended choosing a wallpaper that is not too distracting.


Put your office decorations to work.

Instead of painting your walls with black paint or using the blackest colors you can find, Brown suggests that you choose a color that is lighter and has a hint of green in it. 5.

Take care of your desk.

When you have your desk out for a little while, try painting it a darker shade of brown.


Decide what you want your office to look like after 2020.

Some office decor suggestions might be easy, like a desk with black leather or a desk that has a big picture of a person.

But Brown also suggested that the furniture should reflect the personality of the person you’re working for, such as a chair that’s designed for a young person.


Make the most of the space.

Brown suggested that when you’re at work, you can make the most out of the workspace.

“You want to be the most welcoming and open you can be,” he suggested.

“But if you can, you want to have space in your workspace so that you feel like you’re doing what you love, rather than just sitting and doing nothing.”


Use your space wisely.

To make your office feel like a home, Brown said that you should be mindful of the amount of space you have.

“That is where your time is spent,” he told The Verge.

“And the more space you put in your space, the more time you have.”

He added that you want a “sense of privacy” so you can spend time with friends and family.


Be creative.

Don’t just keep your office furniture looking like an office, but create your own office decor to keep the decor of your office fresh.


Keep your office clutter to a minimum.

So what’s your favorite office decor idea for 2020?

Share your tips in the comments.

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