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A Christmas tree in a tree-lined backyard has been decorated in colourful festive colours by two men who want to change the world.

The couple, who are not being named, live in suburban Melbourne and decided to decorate their home with colourful Christmas tree decorations and other Christmas-themed gifts in honour of their two sons.

They took the initiative after watching the popular YouTube series ‘Christmas in the Wild’ where the couples Christmas tree is decorated in a festive way, said their mum, Jenny.

“It’s a very good example of how people can be creative and make their own little world for themselves,” she said.

“We’re very proud of the way the kids have embraced the tree.

We think it’s really cool.”

The couple decided to get creative and put up a festive Christmas tree as part of their Christmas celebration.

They have decided to use a tree made out of recycled material and have chosen the wood to decorating the tree instead of traditional plywood.

“There’s a lot of people who don’t have the ability to make their trees out of plastic, so we thought it was just the best solution for us,” Jenny said.

The Christmas tree has a canopy that is made of recycled paper.

(Supplied: Jenny Hill)Christmas tree decorator Jenny Hill said the couple decided they wanted to use recycled material to decorator the tree rather than traditional ply wood.

“The paper is so soft, so you can take it with you, or use it as a decoration for your house,” she told 7.30.

“Our goal was to create a Christmas tree that would be beautiful, festive and make you feel special.”

The decorations were inspired by a series of children’s books by author Joanne Kelly, which features a family that makes Christmas tree toys.

“She’s very inspired by Christmas trees, and the tree in this one we’ve created is a tree,” Jenny Hill added.

“Christmas is about making a tree, and to have it be beautiful and not plastic is really pretty.”

Jenny Hill said it was a joy to see her two sons and daughter-in-law enjoying their Christmas tree and their neighbours taking their picture.

“They were so happy, so happy to have the tree,” she added.

Christmas tree decoration:Christmas tree decorations are a popular tradition in Australia.

(ABC News: Rebecca Jones)”It really makes us happy.”

The pair plan to decorated the tree with gifts, as well as their own holiday decoration, which they plan to sell online for a buck.

They plan to also have a holiday party at the Christmas tree, with their children.

“That’s what we’re really hoping to do,” Jenny added.

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