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The decorations at Christmas time will no longer be seen as “Grinch Christmas” decorations because of a new initiative that is being rolled out across the country.

The initiative, which has been dubbed “Grinds the Grinch” by its supporters, is a pilot project to see if the Christmas season can be turned into a fun and educational experience.

The pilot program is being led by the U.S. Department of Education’s (ED) National Center for Teaching and Learning (NCTL) and the National Center of Teachers of Mathematics and Science.

It will start in the fall of 2018 and be rolled out to the entire country.

The idea behind this pilot program came from the National Association of State School Superintendents, which asked NCTL to find out how it could help parents and students learn about Christmas.

One of the big benefits of this initiative is that it will be a free, fun way to teach math, reading, and science skills.

“We want the kids to see the fun and the learning that’s happening in a new and different way,” said Krista Houser, Executive Director of the National ASSOCIATION of State Superintendencies.

“This is a great way to give kids a new way to learn math and literacy.”

The pilot program will be used to help students prepare for math and reading tests in the middle of the holiday season.

The SATs will be taken in early February, and the test scores will be released on March 12.

The National ASSOICATION of STATE SUPERISTS and NCTL hope the pilot program can help kids understand the difference between Grinch Christmas and Grinch Santa Claus.

“It’s about making a new Christmas for everyone, whether they’re new to math or reading,” Housher said.

“There’s nothing more fun than seeing the new Christmas decorations being made for the children.”

The National Association for Science Teachers (NASS), the national organization representing teachers, has also agreed to participate in the pilot project.

NASS President and CEO, Lisa Mazzoni, said, “Teachers know their students need extra motivation, and we’re thrilled to support this pilot project with this effort.”

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