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Home decorators, home furnishings and decorators will be in full force at the beginning of Christmas, with a host of Christmas decorations expected to be unveiled in a bid to attract more Christmas shoppers to Australia.

As many as 80 per cent of Christmas sales take place in Australia on the day of the holiday, but many retailers have begun cutting their Christmas sales in recent months to cut costs and boost their bottom line.

“There is a lot of demand for Christmas decorations and they are going to be a lot more plentiful in stores than ever before,” said Andrew Jones, general manager of home decorator, Aussie-based decorator and decorator services at The Home Depot.

“We have seen a lot growth in the number of Christmas home decorators since the recession.”

In fact, the number is now around 80 per per cent.

“Some of them have to do extra work because there is a shortage of decorations, but they are happy to do it for the Christmas season and they will have a few Christmas specials.”

Aussie Christmas house decorators and decoraters will be at the front of the line at the Christmas decorations are expected to debut on Australian homes on December 18.

Aussie home decoration company The Home depot has been opening its doors to the public to preview the new decorations, with plans to open its doors at 5pm on Christmas Day.

The Home Depot will open at 5:00pm on December 17 and the Christmas decorators can start lining up for their Christmas party.

“We are very excited to have this opportunity to be part of this amazing celebration,” Mr Jones said.

Mr Jones said the company had been inundated with requests for decorations, and was expecting to see more demand as the holidays approach.

The decorators have been asked to create a variety of Christmas decorating items and sell them at a discount, which they are using to pay for the holiday decorations.

Christmas decorations are sold for $15 for adults, $10 for children, $5 for students and $3 for seniors.

Many of the decorations can be purchased at the stores’ online store.

They will also be able to sell the decorations to friends and family members for $10 each.

New Christmas home decorations will be available from the 10pm to 5am window opening on Christmas day, with more than 60 per cent priced at $15.

Some of the Christmas decoration items that will be on sale include: Christmas trees, Christmas wreaths, Wreath of Angels, Easter eggs and more.

More Christmas decorations will also become available for purchase on Christmas Eve, with an additional 20 per cent available on Christmas morning.

With prices starting at $25, the decorators are offering a wide range of Christmas items.

While some of the items can be bought in bulk, some will be offered for a discounted price of $30.

However, the prices will not include postage, which will be $7 for adults and $10 per child.

In an attempt to attract Christmas shoppers, stores are also offering a 10 per cent discount for customers who have a holiday card or gift card.

There will also have to be plenty of festive treats on offer, including cookies and candies, and some of those items will also require a $20 purchase to be included in the sale.

As part of the sale, the company is offering free Christmas-themed gift certificates to customers.

Home decorators at The Australian Christmas house decoration company are also selling their Christmas decorations online for $20 each.

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